Find out what's up and who's up for it. HopOver helps you discover who's free, what's happening, and who's nearby.
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my role in team hopover

As a lead designer on the product, I was able to touch all different aspects ranging from my own responsibilities as an Interaction Designer, as well as worked with the Creative Director and UI Designer in building and shipping product deliverables, collected research and user feedback with our UX Researcher, polished and delivered specs to engineers with the UI Designer, wrote copy and discussed in-app and out-app brand language with the UX Copywriter, all the way to helping develop the Launch & Marketing Plan, both online and offline outreach. Our team operated quickly and scrappily. Everyone traded hats and constantly evaluated and took action on those “blank spaces.” Towards the end of developing the second iteration release of HopOver, I began taking on more Product Strategy & Managerial responsibilities.  

Team: 3 Designers, 5 Engineers, User Researcher, UX Copywriter, Marketing Manager & Mascot

How it works:


SEE What's Around

Open the Nearby map to quickly see
who and what is around you.

Control your location sharing with the green switch. In order to see others' locations, you must share yours!


Make a Hop

Customize your Hop (hangout) by adding stickers, choosing a place, and tagging your friends.


check out

Who's Free

See where your friends are and message them to see what
they’re up to.

What's Up

Let your friends know you’re free by making a Hop. Or join and like your friend’s hops.

Where to go

Choose where you want your Hop and find out who’s been there before.

during the Fall quarter of 2014 and winter quarter of 2015, We launched on 3 college campuses with the help of our mascot, Ben Hoppin'!

Photos above are from our campus outreach events. I was able to promote the app to our end consumers (college students, ages 18-22), and directly hear their thoughts on the app. It was a very rewarding & insightful experience that led to future iterations of the design.

If you download HopOver, you'll probably notice a major difference between the current version of HopOver, and what I showed you above. I'd love to share my story about how we got to our second iteration of the app. 
Please contact me if you'd like to hear more!